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   My husband just got back from a FIVE day vacation!!!!!!! Two nights in Leavenworth, WA: where we shopped for treasures & attended the live musical, The Sound of Music. Then, two nights camping, and the last day adventuring at the Seattle zoo, and finally ending our trip at an all gluten-free brewery & eatery, Ghost Fish.

Life has a way of snuffing everything else out that you actually care about……IF you let it.Our ten year wedding anniversary was in December, but we wanted to do something special once it got warmer. We planned it six months ahead. For most of our marriage, we’ve worked, worked, worked and we didn’t take too much time to do fun things. We did have adventure in Spokane doing little things, but we were so caught up with school & work. Since coming back from our trip, we realize we need more adventure together and need to make it a PRIORITY. It really did bring us closer together in our relationship and we know now that trips can break up the monotony of SSDD-life.

When I learn about tribal peoples in the world, like the isolated Pygmies in Africa, or learn about the old centenarians who live simply in humble abodes but have a rich sense of community, I feel the need for that. I think what makes our modern, busy lives withstandable, is being intentional about planning our fun & our relationship time. The memories I cherish to this day were ones when I was having adventures with friends. As a kid, my best friend Patrice and I rode bikes around town pretending we were partners in crime. It felt fun and exciting to be adventurous. We knocked down haystacks, stole road cones, and one time executed a perfectly planned escape route

from a church gardener when we were found on the roof… I’ll never forget when I burned the Thanksgiving paper turkey decoration from the 70s. (I’m Sorry Aunt Kathy… L), and I’ll never forget when I got Travis to break bottles behind a brink building—right before a cop passed by. I loved instigating naughty schemes and getting others to join in. Today, I want to use that energy to instigate my dreams, and I want others to be part of them!

As adults we often lose the sense of adventure and thrill we shared as children. I think that we should learn to tap into the child-in-us again to create in life what we truly desire: memories, moments, and magic with others. And it won’t happen unless you s.c.h.e.d.u.l.e. it. “If you build it they will come.”

I will admit though, I get annoyed with obnoxious, unruly, and wild kids, and perhaps I need to work on my heart with that. I should also admit, in fact I was so unruly myself that I personally created a living hell for one of the teachers I had in Company7. (When I see that man come into the clinic where I work today, I don’t dare tell him who I am.)

The point is, I encourage you to be intentional about planning something fun, something you’ve never done before, even if it’s really quick… This is the Magic of Life: experiencing the new and cherishing traditions with others. Schedule on your planner today what

you’d like to do.

   Regular life can get so busy that the things you really desire to do get pushed aside and years can pass by.

In Japan, people actually die of overwork because in their culture, taking a “Sabbath” is optional. Stress is a killer–in fact, the number one cause of heart attacks is stress.


Make you and your time and what you want to do a priority. Say yes to YOU. Quality of life is more important than quantity. It would be better to be poor and happy, living below your means than making money but in debt and never having any time.

The key is to schedule, schedule, schedule. Your dreams won’t happen if you don’t write it down and keep it like an appointment. Think of something you’ve been truly desiring to do or create out of pleasure and schedule it. If you don’t, everything else will crowd it out by default.


The next Planet Megan September Newsletter is scheduled to air Sept 15-20th. See you then!


Honorable Shout Out

My dear friend and co-worker Faith moved to Idaho to begin college the beginning of August. She was so super fun to work with and will be greatly missed!! Faith is one of the most positive, kind, funny, and gorgeous (inside & out) people that I know. Someone I will forever consider a good friend. Thank you, Faith, for being you!



“If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time. If not, you’ll make an excuse.” 

-gorgeous, hilarious, & deep hearted

business inspirer, Marie Forleo


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