Planet Megan Newsletter

August 2020

Here’s August 2020 Newsletter. I meant to mail this out Friday, but couldn’t so my next opportunity for printing was Monday, but I went into labor Saturday night and gave birth Sunday. It will be a while until the mailed version goes out, but here it is online!

July 2020

(For the PDF version: click here!!) This month has flown by sooooo fast–this whole year! It’s now been one year since starting PlanetMegan again since July of 2019. A lot has changed since then. And more change is obviously coming… I’m so thankful for the generosity of baby shower gifts coming in from friends & …

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June 2020

      This is Travis’ first Father’s Day! I got my hubby our kid’s first book, “Guess how much I love you,” for him to read to them someday. Travis is already such a great dad, he comes to all the midwife appointments, watches YouTube videos with me, talks to my tummy, and feels …

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May 2020

CLICK  HERE FOR THE PDF VERSION! Happy mother’s day to mothers this month! This one was the first one for me, and it’s pretty cool inheriting a new holiday. Travis made me breakfast in bed with a special card. ? When we went to the Arboretum on a Saturday—SO many people were there—smiling couples holding …

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April 2020

CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF VERSION!   This month in April I reach the half-way mark–20 weeks! Some patients at work have said I’m not even showing, but that’s because the scrubs I wear hide everything! What do you think now!!?   Travis and I are blessed and grateful to continue to work. Travis’ job …

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March 2020

Click HERE for the PDF version!           Last year Travis helped me build my first garden! I zip-tied cattle panels to tee-posts to create a walk-in garden. I bent goat panel to make walk-under arches for growing climbing vegetables and roses. I got the amazing idea from Roots and Refuge Farm’s …

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