December 2019

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Christmas 2019

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This year I turned 32, got my domain for, built our first garden, painted the patio ceiling sky blue (clouds to follow!), had lots of painting parties, block parties, successful yard sale, flea marketing, and vacation! This month Travis and I will have been married 11 years!

December marks the end of another circle around the sun one more time. And doesn’t our planet spin so fast!? I know that Christmas can feel at times stressful or busy, but it can be a great time to try to break up the monotony of life and appreciate family. I love hosting Christmas and I love that we get time off work and a chance to get family & friends together.

When we decorate & bake for Christmas, let’s build that nostalgia into it! Remember when you were a small child and the innocent wonder & excitement you had for Christmas? It wasn’t just gifts; it was a magical time of year.


           This Christmas I think of memories, gifts, family, and the special calling we hear around this time, “Peace on Earth and good will towards men.”


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