How to Make Insense

Quick DIY Incense

a fun craft for teens & adults.

The other day, I showed my friend’s 12 yr old daughter and her friends how to make a quick incense cone using two ingredients: water and cinnamon powder!

Ingredients/tools: cinnamon powder, water, medium bowl, fingers & hands!

How to make:

  • Add a spoonful of cinnamon and equal amount of water to a medium size bowl
  • Use a whisk or fingers to mix the cinnamon and water together.
  • Keep adding enough water to the mixture until it becomes a paste or sauce texture.
  • If the mixture becomes too wet to pinch into shapes, let it air dry excess moisture until you can. (Tilt the bowl to one side to let excess water leave the clumpier parts and use that.)
  • In the palm of your hand, form with your other fingers a cone shape to the size you’d like.
  • Carefully place on a plate and let dry for 24 hours.
  • When the cone is fully dry, light it!

Warning: cinnamon smells good but it can also be stinky! Also have common sense not to burn down your house.

If you want to try other scents, simply mix the herbs and flowers you desire into a coffee grinder and use the powder to make cones instead.


Thank you for

learning how to make incense!

Please enjoy!


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