How To Throw A Magical Party!

February 2022


This month I turned 35 and I threw my own birthday party (something you have to do when you’re an adult). It was magical & fun! You don’t need a “reason” to throw a party, but there’s reason to! I’ve come up with three M’s to help you throw your own magical party!

One of my dreams is to have many more parties and back yard barbeques in a home that’s designed to enchant my guests. You don’t need a reason to have a party, like a birthday or superbowl—sometimes girls just wanna have fun, but I think it’s important to realize life is short. Parties create magical memories to cherish in your heart when you’re old and gray. They bring friends/family together and make life worth living. They are FUN! Here are the three M’s:

The Three M’s; how to create your own magical party:

1.) MUSIC.

Music genre sets the VIBE. What kind of party are you throwing? I personally love r&b/soul, neo soul, lofi, electronic, & hip-hop!

Make it easy: create and save playlists on your music account ahead of time so it’s already there when you need it. I have put together several music playlists on my YouTube account that I have labeled from “gallery tunes” to “patio party.”

2.) MOOD.
  • LIGHTING. Aim for ambient if you want to create the enchanting mood you want. Lighting should be the first thing you consider when decorating for a party whether indoors or out.

I go for white Christmas lights, tons of electric tea lights everywhere, LED fairy lights, candles, vintage swag hanging lamps, and black lights with glow in the dark stars!!

  •  DECORATIONS Buy Dollar Store decorations or somewhere fancier like Hobby Lobby for a more formal party. (Pinterest is a great idea-source for specialty or high-end parties, but Dollar Store metallic streamers and confetti balloons are really all you need but they make a difference.)

Make it easy: dedicate one box or drawer for decorations and hosting for effortless party set-up. Your party closet might include: charming drinkware, fun napkins, paper plates, plastic cutlery, decorations, and your lighting materials. I do use paper plates, but I offer my guests an eclectic set of handmade pottery goblets to choose from.

3.) MENU.

     Make it easy: Either have food delivered so you save time while setting up the party, or make it a potluck. And keep this in mind to save money: you will probably need less food than you think you will. (There are always so many leftovers!)


🧡… Okay, now that you have the THREE magical M’s to make a party great, schedule a party and invite your guests!!

Now that I’ve been treated for ADHD and can actually initiate and follow through a whole hell of a lot easier, I am very excited to “part the red sea,” that is, the projects I want to complete so I can make my own magic in life.

My mom said I should share my task-organization system. (Ultimately, the best system you can learn is the one that works for you.)

I use a large white board calendar in my kitchen to schedule to-do’s, meals, appointments. This is how I plan on “parting the red sea”:

  • I made a list of 22 unfinished projects that have been haunting me on a piece of paper. These are big & medium projects, like finishing the basement to rent out to fixing the fence in the backyard, etc…
  • Then, I put each item from that list on its very own sticky note.
  • I numbered each sticky note according to their level of importance to prioritize them.
  • I began placing the most important ones on my white board calendar to plan what my month might look like and what I could possibly accomplish week by week.

What’s nice about using sticky notes, instead of using a marker, is that you can move them around as needed, and they visually stand out. My goal by the end of the year is to have no more sticky notes left. Next month I’ll share what amazing projects I have accomplished that are currently in the works!!


🧡Love at the Core

Every relationship has their ups & downs, and every person has their own personal struggles, but if a relationship is going to last past mistakes, struggles, & hardships, it’s important to have “core-love” with that person.

Sometimes all we see are the faults and struggles that arise, at times even on a superficial level, but there are always underlying reasons to these surface issues, and they might not reflect who that person is or wants to be in their inner most being.

What I love about Travis is that while he is an imperfect human (like me and everyone else), he strives against his struggles. He admits fault, takes responsibility, apologizes, he tries to understand me and himself, he tries to grow and overcome. I see his soul and love him at his core and it’s why no matter what struggles we might face, the vulnerable willingness to better oneself is the redeeming quality that makes room for grace to abound.

If you love your partner as a human being at their core-level, then it helps you give them the grace and time needed to help them reach their potential to better themselves. Some people have more pain to heal from, and might make more mistakes and need more time/grace than others. My mom shared a quote with me, ‘a marriage cannot fail if BOTH people are willing to work on it.’

When it doesn’t work: if you’re in a relationship with a narcissist. It doesn’t matter if the narcissist is a co-worker or your spouse, it’s a hopeless relationship because they refuse to admit they have issues, they are unwilling to change, grow, admit fault at all, which creates a toxic gaslighting situation. They cannot love or be loved, because they lack the vulnerably needed to allow someone else in at that core level.

Being in a relationship isn’t just about romance and sharing vacation together… it’s about sharing each other’s burdens, helping each other self-actualize human potential, and finding satisfaction and joy when they do.

3 thoughts on “How To Throw A Magical Party!”

  1. Megan,
    I really reading your thoughts and articles so much, that I look for them in my inbox.
    The three “M’s” make total sense, and I have adopted two of them for my annual non-profit fundraiser.
    You are doing such an amazing job!!!!
    Michell Marshall

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