Sept-Oct-Nov 2021

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11.2021 PlanetMegan


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Sept-Oct-Nov 2021

Keep chasing your schemes,” is some advice count Olaf gives from the Netflix show, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Don’t lose sight of your goals when life gets busy, overwhelming, out of control, and piled up. I have let the last two newsletters slide and it feels like time slips away so fast! I’ve been hustling so much reselling and I have had some very profitable weeks. (One week I made a profit of $460, which seems lucky.) Last week I was hired to do a painting party for my friend Amy’s surprise 50th birthday party for #20 painters! It’s been a long time since Celebrate w/ Paint has been hired, but it went very well! I did a painting party for an old co-worker & friend Kat and her family. We painting a VW bus and everyone had a fun time. Celebrate w/ Paint really took off in 2019, but then COVID happened and I didn’t have any parties. I’m already being contacted about scheduling one in December in the Tri-Cities, but my new challenge is that having a kid makes it hard to schedule and make it work!

What I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving: Friends.

Lately, there have been friendships that have emerged, and I’m very thankful for them.

One of them is my friend Cara, who I know from high school. It has been fun to re-connect with her and share our creative & crazy energies with each other. I hired her to help watch Phoebe and help assist me with the painting party I did, and it was SOOO nice. Cara is a fun and helpful person I’m very thankful for.

Phoebe has a friend, named Ellie, and in these past couple months since I’ve last written, Phoebe has had so much fun going to two different pumpkin patch farms with Ellie. They have play dates and we parents share in the company of each other at our houses for dinner as well.

I’m thankful to have reconnected with Wendy, Anthony & Ellie.

I have also recently reconnected with my friend Kristy. She reminds me so much of one of my best friends I have in Spokane, Terra.  And I have so much in common with her. She is a professional cleaner (like me), and she is always wheelin’ & dealin’ & reselling (like me). I have a lot of fun working with her at the junk yard and teaming up at Estate Sales. We had a girls’ trip and went to the Tri-Cities to get furniture & went to the Goodwill Outlet! She encourages me to be better with my home life, & I’m thankful for her accountability. Sometimes you just need a friend to tell you to get off your butt, hustle, do choirs, cook, clean, and get things done.

      I’m a stay-at-home-mom, but I’m always finding ways to get myself busy, side hustle, and start spinning way to many plates. What I like about the holidays is that it’s a time to slow down and be present with family and friends. Something I think I need to learn is to slow my pace, and put my home first. So many times I’m thinking about what I need to be doing next (for my side hustles), that laundry doesn’t get put away and my home gets in a funky chaos. I realized that if my home doesn’t have good feng shui, I won’t have as much energy or clear mind to do all the extra things I want to do and feel cluttered and overwhelmed instead.

After one of the most sleep deprived and busy weeks I’ve had, Phoebe has a cold and I need to focus on REST. My goal is to be better at putting my home first, and then work on my side hustles…There is always room for improvement. LOL, Not sure if that happens to anyone else!?

In other news, I started a new membership to Yakima Maker Space, a place where makers have access to use the tools and space available to make what they want. I’m using my reselling monies to pay for the membership so I can start making my own creations out of clay. That has been a fun new thing.

In other, other news, Phoebe knows how to make a turkey gobble noise when asked (perfect timing for Thanksgiving), and she also knows how to do a “Michael Jackson moon walk” if asked! She is good at sign language and getting so big!

Until next time, Megan. 🙂

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