October 2019


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everything you see around you began as an IDEA in someone’s brain! The chair you’re sitting in, your ball point pen, someone’s book, business…It all began in the mind, and was created into reality. I ALSO think you can create your life, what kind of person you are, and the kind of world you live in. Martin Luther King Jr. is a perfect example of having a dream and creating a better future.

Our imagination is our SUPER HUMAN POWER.


Rosemary Fate


     In her mid-eighties she was the on-site nurse for the kids at the behavioral child center where I worked. She told stories of bringing black lingerie to a white elephant gift exchange and leaving her “poor” granddaughter to cry on the cold tile floor because she knew she was making up a fake fit. Ruthless & audacious, she would grow out a long wiry whisker on her chin…just to throw you off. She also brought donuts, but hated it when I got a picture of her. I made her write the entire alphabet on paper for me since her handwriting was exquisite. When her hubby died, she never remarried. She told me she enjoyed her independence. She was one of my inspirations for the whipper-snapper lady I aspire to be one day.

See Obituary here.

We’ve lost our ‘Creative Inner Child’ when we became ‘adults.’


 In our society, we are trained by success culture and the school system to be “Practical thinkers.” But the problem is when we mature into the adults society cultivated us to be—practical thinkers instead of creators, we lose our imagination. Our inner child dies. We lose our intuition and our souls—the heart & passion of why we’re all here on

this planet.

   “No Child Left Behind”?? Our inner child might be left behind in the school system. What we teach our children isn’t only information—it’s perception, mentality, beliefs, and expectations which shape our culture’s definition of success, values, & priorities. Many adults struggle finding meaning in their lives, and I think kids do too. Seeing school shootings become more of a problem makes we wonder what we need in our society & school systems.

I do NOT have a degree in early education & I’m NOT a teacher, so what do I know? But I was a student & I remember a big expectation for test performance, college, SATs, and information overload, but I don’t remember a ton of passion & purpose—the why. That’s why I think we shouldn’t only teach information, but character transformation to kids in school. Here are some ideas: healthy communication & relationship class and creative business. Many of us have to learn these things outside of school as adults, either the hard way, via couples counseling, or life coaching & online courses.

We need to come to a day in our age when we don’t make art class the first class to drop when there’s a budget cut! Instead, CREATIVITY should be integrated into EVERY subject that’s taught in school. (Because information without imagination takes us nowhere!)


How do we cultivate imagination & creativity?

Your imagination is based on what you choose to see based on the beliefs, expectations, & values taught to you by the people & experiences in your life. If you believe there is a “ceiling,” you won’t go beyond that point, just like shock collared lab rats who won’t go near the line—even though the invisible shock wall is turned off. I think that many peoples’ Imagination & creative will is limited due to mind-set & experience, BUT I ALSO think that’s how we can cultivate it. That will be covered in the next edition.



Why Creativity is Important & helps us tap into our intuitive, inner child …

Creativity teaches open-mindedness. It also teaches people to withhold judgement for others, problem solving, and develops intuition & imagination. Creativity inspires an awe for life, giving us wonder to imagine the unknown & ‘what else could be.’ Creative work enlightens us, because it constantly reveals never-ending possibilities. It encourages our own pursuits. It gives us agency over our lives yet reminds us to be humble, and teaches us to play. I have a theory. Creativity/art teaches us to get back in touch with our inner child. That’s the child in you from long ago that knew no bounds, who wasn’t taught the shame, expectations & limitations you learned from family & society growing up.

How does creativity teach us?

Art helps us find our inner child again because the very act of creating anything takes us through a process of letting go of perfection, accepting our vulnerability, & what we “think” we know. It brings about the imagination familiar to a child—a belief that possibilities are available, so to take on life as if today is day one & you still have the rest of your life to make it yours. I never learned how to play an instrument, but what keeps you from learning at the age of 70 years old? Many people become amazing artists later on in life. Age should be nothing that keeps you from following a dream you’ve waited for but still want to seize. When you live with the half-glass full outlook, you are a child-at-heart. You can create and do anything (within the limits of things which you can or are willing to control in life).

Where the ‘Magic Meets the Road’…to your Dreams.

I’ve always had the desire to create, but many times growing up I felt suppressed (Which is probably why I’m a crazy workaholic gardener now I guess.) But as adults, we finally have the tools to make dreams happen. We have networking and resources—more than what was available to us as kids. The secret sauce of creativity is when you PARTNER with your inner-child, & with self-acceptance—use the tools/resources you have now as an adult and Make Magic. But watch out—as adults, we’re so caught up with all sorts of useless “DISTRACTIONS”—I had to delete Candy Crush a few times when I realized it’s doing NOTHING for me or what I really want in life!!! DELETE THAT crap & create the life you dream!

Creativity Challenge

I saved the topic of creativity for October because it’s the time of year I start thinking of getting my sewing machine out to make a costume! Take action to do one creative thing this cold season: cook a new recipe, paint, write a poem…etc. and tap into your own creative intuition with child-like imagination.

Where does your imagination take you?

How would you like the world to be for you-

-how would you like to be for the world?

What do you dream?


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