Phoebe’s Birthday and Instagram Reselling

Phoebe’s FIRST  birthday was this month! And she was also baptized the day before. It’s been one whole year since her birth and our trip to Spokane, WA where she spent two weeks in the NICU healing from meconium aspiration. For her birthday she was actually into opening her presents. And she got to dive into her very own gluten-free chocolate cake! What an adorable 1 year tradition!

It’s CRAZY that in just one year, she goes from a newborn to RUNNING and communicating intelligently with us. She can kind of say some words, but it’s mostly sign language and she does well at it. The other day she stumbled and hit her face on the carpet somewhat, and she went back to the same spot and “reinacted” it to tell me what happened and get validation! Such intelligence! She is so bright. It’s crazy that it’s already been one year…because it seems like it went so fast. It’s been such an adjustment! She is getting into EVERYTHING!!! I have to chase her around.

We just had air conditioning installed today as I write this! It’s amazing to think that this old house will never again be the sweltering cave it once was. We also had to update our electrical system, and next we are updating our basement with carpeting, drywall, removing some build-in storage to expand a room, and installing a French door between the rooms to create a “master sweet.” I hope I can make it a really nice place to rent and get back the money we spent.

I lived at my parents’ house for TWO MONTHS this summer with Phoebe since it was so hot at home and it seems like all our plants died around the house. ☹ I planted a bleeding heart, hydrangea, two rhododendrons, a lilac, and I bet my pawpaw trees are dead too. Weeds have taken over…next year gardening is going to have to be a priority!!

With all the festivities, excitement over my reselling, and life in general, I was really late at bringing PlanetMegan Newsletter to you this month. I kind of wonder if I have borderline ADHD…!? I get so excited about so many different things, get distracted, procrastinate, and I have unfinished projects that make me dred. I really want to be on top of things and be organized, but I find I have so many creative aspirations & multiple plates to          spin.

Since I last shared with you, I since have discovered a fun new adventure & community to connect with. I started reselling things online October 2020, but I found out there are 1000s of reselling accounts on Instagram. SoI decided to take nice pictures of everything I have for sale and made an account called magic_megans_marvelous_market.  I figured out how to get a lot of followers. I following about five thousand accounts who were also interested in thrifting/reselling. I even made a couple sales directly from Instagram not too long after doing this, but then something else happened! I was getting notifications when certain shops were going “LIVE.” I started watching these “lives” to see what they were about. This is the REAL home shopping network people! Resellers go “live” together and sell their treasures and people bid on them. Sometimes, there are outright bidding wars! An item might start at $15, but it ends at $48! I have done a couple lives now with other resellers and when I did, I actually sold a lot. So that tells me that’s KEY.

Now that my eyes have been opened, it’s hard not to go to the thrift stores or yard sales –because you never know what you might find!  For example, this last Sunday I escaped the house and went to a yard sale where I bought a set of 5 vintage bamboo wicker coasters with pressed butterflies in them and a cute matching caddy. I got it for $2! I listed it on Facebook Marketplace for $26 and it sold within 20 minutes!!!

However with the urge to thrift and the dopamine that comes with carrying away sweet deals (like the 10 items I got for only $4 at Goodwill), I have to be careful to slow my rope, not get addicted, and sell my stuff before I get more. I really do want to make more money than I spend. There is so much to learn and it’s so fun!

While Instagram can be overrated for many, but I think it has benefits. For one, there is HUGE potential to discover, be inspired by, and connect with so many different creators & likeminded people, and suddenly you feel like you are a part of a community. I’ve already made a few friends now in the reselling community and we have great chats. One gal has offered me so much info about resins & clay ideas, and it’s awesome that if I message them while I’m at the thrift store about what something is and if it’s any good, they are right there with me. (It’s like I have a yard sale buddy shopping with me but on the internet! Haha!)😊

One of the things that is hard about having a baby is you can’t just fly out the door with your purse and go wherever you want at any time. Being a stay-at-home-mom,I feel grateful to have connected online with other fun, creative, thrifty, & entrepreneurial women from across the country! And it’s so nice to get encouragement and ideas from others and to do the same for them.

However and Yes, I have also been told “they’re only little once.” I don’t want to be so distracted and miss out on Phoebe because before I know it her childhood will be gone! I have ONE chance to do things with her. I feel pulled because I need a break too and want to hussle & dream.°😭 So I look forward to sharing all my adventures with as she grows up.

Thank you for reading! Until next time, Megan

8.2021 Planet Megan

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  1. Such an exciting letter this month!! You will figure out how to juggle everything. It is good you are aware that you can get too involved in the selling. I’m so proud of you!
    God Bless and kiss Phoebes for me

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