Product Feedback

     What clients had to say about their custom portraits:


This is what Shannon had to say:

This year, my daughter gave me a Christmas present to remember. She commissioned a painting from Megan, a picture of her on her pony, with me at her side. It was a candid shot and Megan captured the personalities beautifully, including that of my daughter’s pony. It was so beautifully rendered it looked like a photograph at first. Megan’s attention to detail, along with the way she picks details to capture mood and character, make her work exceptional. I treasure my painting not just because it’s an image of my daughter on her beloved pony, but because it’s also a beautiful piece of art. Thank you, Megan.







Sandi hired me for my commission and it was when I was working full time and pregnant! It took a while to get it perfect. This is what she had to say:

“I commissioned Megan Hantz to paint for me a picture of me and my best friend. It was a moment in time of a promise we made back almost 5 years ago. I was not disappointed. At first I was afraid that she had bit off more than she could chew. She missed 2 or 3 deadlines. Then one day it arrived in the post. I was so nervous yet excited to open this package fro. My friend. I had forgotten what a perfectionist my friend was. I was not disappointed in the least. She had captured the essence of that moment and then some. She made this almost a 3d affect. I was so thrilled beyond belief when I saw this painting. My heart actually leaped for joy on seeing this. Megan had went way beyond my expectations. I have two more pictures that I want to commission to paint if she is still willing. They are moments in my life when I was truly the most happiest ever and I would love to have those moments captured. I can think of no other to do this project for me… if she is up to it. Thanks Megan for capturing my most happiest moments.”