February 2020

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   Last night I lamented about my winter blues…‘where was my motivation & excitement to do all the creative things I want to do?

   But, I woke up this morning (Valentine’s Day) and the sunshine and spring smells had me struck like cupid’s bow!

I was hit with: “Spring Fever!”

All of a sudden, I feel like I have a kindling to plant flowers for my patio, smell garden dirt, and inspired to write & clean! Finally!

(Did you know I ALWAYS get that hit of Spring Fever in February? That’s why I hate it so much when it snows in February…especially around my birthday-the 19th!) Last year was the WORST!!!! But this year…I’m SO happy for the sun and all I want is spring! Each year I realize more and more my favorite season is spring.

(It begins March 19th, but I anticipate it sooner…Yakima is always a little early anyways. ?)

If you look up the medical definition of Spring Fever, it says:

(1) A popular term for the various mental changes   (e.g., brightened moods, positive attitude, etc.) that accompany the longer, sunnier days of spring.



We’re approaching the season to crawl outta the winter den and begin the plans for spring cleaning. How do you want the inside of your home to feel? I decided I want that uplifting “spring” feeling to come indoors. I want it to feel fresh, light, calm, have a good zen flow, and with way less crap!

Last year I began a “Marie Kondo” tradition. This means, every year after putting away Christmas décor, I keep going through every category of my home to purge what no longer brings me joy or serves me. This also means by the time the summer yard sale comes around, I have stuff to make a buck on. (Last summer I made over $300, AND uplifted the energy of myself & my home.

If you’d like to do the same, Marie Kondo’s method of tidying is an intuitive & practical approach. Visit planetmegan.com/mariekondo, and you’ll get a FREE CHECKLIST you can use to systematically purge your home of the things that hold you down.

How do you keep LOVE alive all year round??

   If the warming weather gets you excited to do more fun things with your loved one, family & friends, and you’d like some fresh ideas, then check out the link below.

A wise woman named Annie once gave me some really good advice. She once told me it’s a good idea to schedule 12 dates—one for each month. That way, even when you’re stuck in the rut of everyday hustle & bustle, you ALWAYS have something to look forward to together. Check out: planetmegan.com/dateideas for date ideas & how you can fill your calender with a years full of dates!


Speaking of hearts this month, this year on my birthday, I got a heartbeat!


I’m 12 weeks along and the midwife found right away a strong heartbeat with the doppler. Heartbeat for my birthday! You can hear when you play the video to the right. ->


“Dying on the path of your dreams.”

     I would like to conclude my series about ‘Following the path to your dreams’ which began in September. So far, I’ve shared these foundational steps:


           1- foundational self-worth

           2- creating your life/dream with imagination

           3- growth & gratitude mindset

           4- persistent action


But what if you DIE getting hit by a bus before you ever reach your dreams!*?$!?


     This is how I see life: you never know how long it will last, so even if you don’t make or see all your special dreams come true to your FULLEST vision, you still lived on the path of your dreams. That means you lived with intention & meaning with hopes & desires. If you live with purpose, that means you’ll die with purpose—which is what anyone would hope to leave behind for their loved ones.

     I don’t know if I’ll die tomorrow (which is one reason why I want to share these things with you), but if I do, I can die happy knowing I took those four steps mentioned above:  I can die with self-worth & pass on my imagination & inspiration. (Artists’ work ALWAYS gets better with death.) I can die seeing my life as half-full, that my life was about QUALITY, not quantity (how loooong I lived). And while taking persistent action means it helps me get unstuck & move ahead, knowing life might be cut short can remind me to also be still & live an equally meaningful life not being so stressed out with everything I want & need to do.

     You can hustle & bustle on the path toward your future dreams, get lots done & make lots of money, but if that keeps you from experiencing peace now, then did you give your life room for love, for yourself & others? Sometimes it’s hard to find that balance. It’s okay to go slow…you might live longer than you think.


I dream of community & hosting, having fun & being cool, inspiration & encouragement, beauty & creativity, awe for life & nature, discovery & magic, gratitude & peace, and love. And I hope when I die, those can be all the things I leave behind with people.

Magnolia trees are one of the first to bloom in spring. I can’t wait to plant my own beautiful tree!

thank you so much for reading!

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