My 40 Day Creative Challenge

So did I tell you I have been living at my parents house because they have air conditioning? With RECORD BREAKING high temps this month (up to 109°) it would have been way too uncomfortable to stay at home. In years past, Travis and I would just put up with not having AC in our house and just survive in the basement. Now, because we have Phoebe, we are going to use the money I’ve been saving up for my desired new kitchen remodel, to get AC installation instead! (Yes my Grandma Thelma raised my dad and his older siblings in that house just fine with no AC, but it’s hotter than usual these days, and who wants to rock a sweaty baby to sleep when you can’t stand the extra body heat!? HAHA)

But here’s my plan: not only will AC increase the value of the home, but that gives us the unique opportunity to rent out the basement bedrooms. Whether it’s a traveling nurse program, local medical students, or an Air B&B situation, I’ll be getting my money back and using the equity of my home in my favor. Then I can really save for a kitchen remodel! 😉

I want to update you on the 40 day drawing challenge  completed this month! You can see them all HERE.  It truly was a CHALLENGE. Sometimes I wouldn’t even begin until 9:30pm or 10pm many nights after the day was out of the way and Phoebe was finally asleep in bed. I was sleep deprived 

by my own doing, but I am proud of myself for following through and I was able to draw some great sentimental pieces, as well as gifts for family/friends. I have all of them posted on my Instagram page, @magicmgallery, but obviously I’m going to include some of the best ones here. J The picture of the two dogs running is a photo I shot of my father-in-law’s dogs, Marley & Joey. The drawing of Phoebe is the best one I did, and I gave it to Travis for father’s day. The drawing of the old lady in glasses is my grandma Dorothy Boucher who just recently passed away on July 8th. When she was in hospice, I decided it would be appropriate to draw her portrait.


If you decide to give yourself a 40-day creative challenge: KNOW THIS:

1.) It’s going to be a challenge at times.

2.) You’ll create wonderful things you didn’t know you would, and you wouldn’t have if you had never done it.

3.) You’ll learn things about your process & grow in technique.

4.) You’ll have gifts to give to family/friends, & more items to sell.

At the beginning of a creative challenge, you never know what goodies of potential creations lie in wait!

While living at my mom’s house I have had the AMAZING opportunity to access her sewing studio and have made a couple quilts. She has a brand new $5k sewing machine that I absolutely love! So the way I see it is, if I didn’t move in for the AC for Phoebe, I wouldn’t have made these quilts and learned to get in touch with that creative side. I’ll have to share those pics next time!!


7.2021 Planet Megan

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