Number One Tip for Working from Home

Number One Tip for Working from Home & How to get started.

   The number one thing you can do if you want to work and finish the things in your life you really want to do is to be super organized in your life, (including how you schedule your calendar.)

“To make magic, you have to be practical.”

    If you want to build your own business and work from home, or want to plan a wedding, or family vacation, you have to be good at planning. That means starting ahead and writing lists, scheduling to-do’s on your calendar, and booking your reservations. You can’t run a business, or plan a wedding, or enjoy your vacation plans stress free if you are not organized and come up with a game-plan.
    If you find it difficult to get organized, then one area I would suggest looking at is your home environment. Especially if you are working from home and building a business. Is your environment chaotic and so many to-do’s are swarming around you that you can’t focus on what you need to do?
      Laundry, piles of dishes, the overgrown garden with weeds you need to pull….there are so many needs calling to you all at once and you don’t know which one to do when so many times the thing you most want to do (build on your dreams) is crowded out.

      This is when you decide to stop being all over the place because your daily chores and all the crap we have doesn’t have a place to be on the calendar OR in your home.


      Two places to start:
  1.) Marie Kondo
  2.) Schedule all chores on calendar & delegate 
Step One: Marie Kondo
      At the end of Christmas last year, I was putting all the decorations away…and I just kept going with it and I commited to “KonMarie” my home. I purged every category of my home and getting rid of crap. I decided I would do this every year, beginning when I put Christmas decorations away. It’s good to start a new year purging crap before spring cleaning, and when you start the year with a fresh home, you have a fresh start at re-evaluating and refocusing your personal dreams and other aspirations.
Make your home your zen. Your space for flow and productivity. Listen to Marie Kondo’s book, The Magic of Tidying Up, while going through her list of categories to tidy. You’ll purge your home of everything that is getting in the way of your zen and creativity & flow. But the focus is on the positive. She says focus on KEEPING the things that bring you joy and serve you. So while you’re getting rid of stuff that doesn’t serve you, you focus also on keeping things which would inspire you, give your the needed feng shui energy you need. When you have many things you don’t need, you give a part of your thought and energy to them. When you get rid of them, your mind is more open and free to spend energy on only the tasks you want to. When you work from home in your peaceful, tranquill, productive home, it’s one where there are no useless distractions.
Step two: Schedule all chores on calendar & deligate.
    When you get control of your environment with Marie Kondo, you now to have keep it up and schedule all your chores on a calendar. This is so good for you, because…if you can master the basics of home organization, you can easily jump up to the next level in your life: business organization and building.
     How are you supposed to “hustle for your biz” if you can’t even get in control of your own chaos in your own home…when you work from home? You can’t run a business without organization. If you are not organized, one of the best way to build those skills is to start with you & your everyday life and get on top of it.
And don’t forget to DELEGATE. Here’s why:
     You’re not getting far in life if you don’t get help from others, so don’t feel bad about asking for help.
     Hire a maid, hire a nanny, get your neighbor to help you paint the back patio, delegate chores to your family members. You can’t do it all. If you really wanted to do it all, you’d get help (because you can’t on your own…at least without wearing yourself out and that’s not healthy.)
That’s something you learn. Does Martha Stewart “do it all,” or do you think she knows how to delegate work to others?
     Yet you might have a notion from somewhere that you’re supposed to do it all. But that leaves you hustling really hard all the time and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. You depend on only you and you stay small, and you feel worn out. You don’t understand why you can’t do it and yet you seem to be working really hard and don’t have enough time.
     This is why you need to do two things: delegate tasks to PEOPLE and delegate tasks to yourself on a CALENDAR. 

Schedule to plan to plan your schedule.

      The biggest way you could be organized to make the life you dream come true is to schedule everything. Scheduling to plan to schedule is always the first step. No matter if this is your first time, or if you’re running a huge business. You schedule to plan so you can plan your schedule.

When you block your tasks.      

    When you schedule a different chore for each day of the week, you focus on one task at a time (which is less overwhelming.) When you put all your tasks in a place on the calendar, and give some tasks to others, all of a sudden you realize it when you really do have free time!

     Now use that extra free time that isn’t scheduled to schedule your hustle!

     By learning to get in control of your home environment you gain two things great for working from home: organization skills for your business, and the zen space you need to be in for your most productive and creative state.

     How to get Started: 

    So today, schedule a day on your calendar to plan. And maybe a good place to start is by scheduling your “Marie Kondo time” to go through her checklist.

A great checklist I found you can print out is here:

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